Alexander Velichko

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«Marine Agency V.V.» — is a crewing company operational since 2014. Since all the years of activity we have created an extensive database of marine specialists of all kinds of specialties. All specialists are highly qualified and have sufficient work experience on all kinds of vessels.
We have huge experience and have been successful in crewing any types of marine vessels.
Our company’s offices in Sevastopol are located at the following addresses: Ul. Stepanenko, 4, off. 49;Branch in Moscow, 9 Rozhdestvensky Boulevard, office 518.

About us

Recruiting marine specialists since 2014

To ship owners and partners:

- Selecting and matching specialists;

- Ship crewing;

- Crew manager;

- Assistance with VISA processing and obtaining Visas ;

- Ship repair-replacement crews;

- Any other services requested by ship owner or freighter;

To candidates: - Employment and registration of marine specialists on vessels with national (Russia) and foreign flags; - Consulting and assistance in registering Seafarer's Identity Document, Seaman’s Book, receiving visa incl. Schengen visa. Due to close cooperation with international partners our marine agency successfully assists both ship owners (and freighters) and specialists in crewing/employment on mutually advantageous terms. Thus, we always welcome mutually beneficial cooperation!
With regards,Alexander V. Velichko