Publish Rules

The publication on the site accepts a summary in Russian or English. This applies to all fields: titles, CV text, etc.
Prohibited to be placed, and if found, the following resumes are immediately deleted:
Not being such;
Containing direct or hidden advertising services of employment agencies;
Containing direct and hidden advertising of goods and services, including recruitment agencies, companies engaged in the development or promotion of sites, construction teams, etc.;
Links to other sites, with the exception of links to the portfolio of the applicant;
Containing suggestions of an erotic or intimate nature;
Containing obscene and offensive words and expressions;
Containing appeals to carry out terrorist activities or publicly justifying terrorism, as well as any other information of an extremist nature;
Propagandizing pornography, the cult of violence and cruelty;
Containing other information contrary to the laws of the Russian Federation.
The summary should include full and real contact information: name and surname. It is forbidden to specify incorrect data ("Runet Star", etc.) or incomplete information ("Katya ---" etc.). Each advertisement must be placed with an indication in the appropriate field of activities and specializations, a thematically relevant resume. For one resume, you can specify no more than 3 areas of activity and no more than 3 specializations in each field. Ads with inappropriate areas of activity and / or specializations are edited: they are assigned the appropriate areas of activity and specialization.
Duplicate resumes are deleted. A duplicate is a summary that coincides with another resume of this competitor by name, field of activity, and city. The photo in the resume must meet the following requirements: Only one person is shown, The face of the applicant is clearly visible, The background of the snapshot is neutral or related to professional activity, The quality of the image is sufficient to examine the applicant.
It is forbidden to use photos of famous people as their own.
Mandatory requirements for the title (s) of the resume In the headline of the resume, you should indicate the name of the post in the nominative case and singular, the number of posts in one resume should not exceed 5 (Correct: Business Analyst) The headline does not allow specifying unnecessary information: professional branches And other information, the place of which is in the main text of the announcement. (Incorrect: "Accountant in Krasnoyarsk, work schedule 2х2") It is forbidden to use words: "I'm looking for", "attention", "any work" or signs: exclamatory (!!!), interrogative (???), "stars" (***) and other characters. This header is edited. If only characters are used in the header, such a summary is deleted.
Mandatory requirements for the text of the resume. It is not allowed to indicate your contact information in the text of the resume: there are special fields for this. An exception is the contact information for the provision of recommendations, indicating the name and position of the person. It is forbidden to write the CV text in CAPITAL letters - such ads are edited by moderators. The abstracts written in Latin in Russian (vot tak), without spaces and other ways that make reading difficult - are deleted. The field "salary" indicates the real amount of wages or other type of income. Resume with salary 5, 1111, 1234 etc. Or exceeding reasonable limits (for example, 100000000) are edited: the contents of the "salary" field are deleted. In the text of the resume, it is permissible to specify links to third-party resources, provided that the page displays the candidate's portfolio. Editorial policy of the site in relation to the summary. The editorial board reserves the right to change the rules for publishing the resume at its discretion. The editorial office has the right to refuse publication of a resume on the website without explanation. The editors reserve the right to edit and delete pages of applicants and their CVs in case of violation of these rules.

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